A Good Find utilizes our AGF Payments system to facilitate direct, cashless payments between our users. Rather than having to complete transactions insecurely with cash, buyers purchase items with peace of mind while sellers receive instant payments to their bank account for safe and secure transactions.

AGF Payments Icon

We’ve made it incredibly simple to start using AGF Payments. Head on over to the User Dashboard and connect your account today. Once your account is connected, you’ll receive the coveted AGF Payments icon on each and every one of your listings. With a single glance, it attracts buyers to your listings through knowing that you offer safe and secure payments.

Buyers purchase items directly from you using their credit card. After a buyer makes an offer, and y’all agree on a price, simply enter the amount and click the “Initiate Payment” button in your message inbox with the buyer.

Once a payment has been initiated, the buyer receives a “Pay $ with Card” button in their message inbox with the seller. Upon clicking the button, the buyer inputs their credit card details to complete the transaction.

After a successful payment has been processed, the seller receives an instant notification that the funds have been received. This completes the transaction and allows the seller to release the item to the buyer.

When selling an item with AGF Payments, there is a 10% transaction fee. This fee covers everything (all associated processing and service fees), keeping it simple and hassle free.  AGF Payments transactions are currently limited to a maximum of $2,000.

Note: A Good Find does not store any bank account or payment information. All information is managed by a merchant service provider in accordance with their terms and conditions.