This week’s segment of Pun Finds features a compilation of the best truck and car puns. While we did compile this list manually, we automatically assumed the best puns would stick. Time to get your smile in gear and let these puns drive the laughter!

AGF’s Favorite Car Puns

Car Puns -- Electric Slide
Car Puns -- Got Toad
Car Puns -- Muffler Exhausted
Car Puns -- Van Go
  • I couldn’t figure out how to fasten my seat-belt, then it clicked!
  • We know a guy that installs ignitions in trucks. He’s a real self-starter.
  • Truckers like houses with long haulways.
  • We were going to ship a truck load of food, but we found it just wasn’t palatable.
Car Puns -- Affordable
Car Puns -- Gandalf
Car Puns -- Brake_Fluid
Car Puns -- Tired_Seat
  • My car was once hit by a truck. I wasn’t hurt, but I got the freight of my life.
  • I hit a frog and my car was toadaled!
  • “I got in a car accident the other day with my truck.” “Sounds like you couldn’t Dodge it.”
  • What do you call a Ford Fiesta that ran out of gas? A Ford Siesta
Car Puns -- Taylor_Swift
Car Puns -- Diesel_Engine
Car Puns -- Koalafied
Car Puns -- Scubaru
  • That car is a real heart braker
  • Car puns are exhausting
  • You better be carful, the engine is still hot
Car Puns -- Cheesiest_Pickup_Line_Ever
Car Puns -- Surelock_Homes
Car Puns -- Taken
Car Puns -- Toe_Truck

Ready for a brake? We auto know better than to make too many car puns. Thanks for tuning in! You are wheely awesome!

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