Our goal at A Good Find isn’t just to be a cutting-edge local marketplace for you to buy and sell like it’s the future, but to create a social initiative by using our product to create meaningful change in local communities. We want our company to transcend the online service world to become a place that directly helps your local community just by using our site. Since you’re going to buy and sell online anyways, why not make the world a little bit better each time you do?

Focusing Our Mission
We’ve partnered with, and continue to seek out, non-profits working with people that have tangible, material needs (couches, beds, clothing, etc.). While our primary focus is working to help fill the tangible, material needs for youth in crisis in local communities, we are also excited to partner with other initiatives and organizations helping to provide for people in need.

Why concentrate on material needs?
We wanted to be involved in changing the world in a way that was direct and meaningful to people in need. Our platform is a marketplace for people to buy and sell from each other in their local communities. This provides the perfect groundwork to directly leverage the service we created to help those who need various materials but can’t afford to buy them.

A practical example
A young teenager in crisis is seeking help from one of our non-profit partners. Our partner is helping the teen set up a new home, but they need a bed, dresser, and other items to get started. That’s where we come in. We comb our servers for the needed items and facilitate the process to get the item where it needs to go. If our search comes up empty, then we highlight the need on our site and social media to encourage people with a matching item to list it and contact us.

What does that mean for you?
Every time you use A Good Find to sell your stuff or buy from someone else, you are contributing to local youth and families in need! Having available inventory up on AGF helps our non-profit partners find what they need as well as create revenue by re-selling the items they don’t need anymore. Though we’ve highlighted our focus on helping meet material needs, we also give monetarily to select non-profits to support their cause as it resonates with our mission of helping youth in crisis. Every transaction you conduct via our AGF Payments cashless system directly contributes to helping these organizations.

Who are we working with?
Since we are based in Colorado and New Mexico, we’ve partnered with a couple of great local foundations that are already making a major impact and improving people’s lives. As we grow, our vision is to partner with more local non-profits in more cities to expand the impact of our mission.

Albuquerque, NM

The Children’s Grief Center of New Mexico provides a safe and supportive environment for grieving young people and their caregivers.

Denver, CO

Attention Homes provides opportunities for at-risk youth to change their lives. They offer shelter, community-based living and teaching of life skills necessary of an independent future.

Interested in partnering with us or do you know of an organization which could be a great potential partner for us? Please send us an email at social@agoodfind.com.