Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of seller accounts?

We offer several different account types depending on the seller’s situation. Feel free to explore the different options and select a model which is the best fit for your needs.

How do I list an item?

Head on over to the Add Listing page and complete our quick and simple process to add your item. If you don’t have an account yet, not to worry! Our listing process will help you choose the account option best for you!

How do I avoid low-ball offers?

If you’ve been frustrated by low-ball offers on other marketplace sites, you are not alone! We’ve all been there and feel the exact same way. For this specific reason, A Good Find has restricted users from making offers lower than 50% of the asking price (excluding items listed for under $20). As such, be aware of this feature when determining your asking price.

Tips for successful listing.

The first step to an excellent listing is an eye-popping cover photo! The first thing people will see when browsing listings is that cover photo, so make sure that you select a high quality image of your item which showcases the item’s unique features.

Subsequently, provide a lot of information with your listing. Lots of pictures, a detailed description, an applicable title, using the correct categories, selecting all applicable listing tags, and adding item dimensions are all ideal methods to sell an item successfully.

How do I share listings to my social media?

Listings can be conveniently shared to social media by clicking the “Share” button on the specific listing page and selecting the desired social media network. You can access your listing’s unique page by clicking on the listing title in the “Manage Listings” section in the User Dashboard.

How do I delete a listing?

If for some reason you need to remove a listing, you can manage your listings via the User Dashboard. The listing which you want to remove will have a button labeled “Close” in the listing row. Simply click this button and confirm that you want to close the item. Closed items are deleted automatically after 90 days.

How do I respond to offers and questions?

When you receive an offer or a question from a prospective buyer, it will initiate a messaging conversation between you and the prospective buyer. You are able to respond to offers and questions by sending a message back to the prospective buyer. You can view your messages at any point in time via the User Dashboard.

How do we choose a meeting location?

Selection of the meeting location occurs via the messaging conversation between you and the other user. Our Best Practices page provides safety tips and instructions on how to select a meeting location. Always bring someone with you and meet the other user in a public location. Police stations, fire stations, and major shopping centers are all excellent options.

What if the buyer isn’t satisfied with the item before purchasing?

It is important to always be honest when advertising your items to help avoid this possible situation. If a buyer feels that the item is not as expected, they may attempt to negotiate a lower price with the seller or simply walk away from the transaction. AGF Payments offers this flexibility to modify the price in real-time during a transaction by simply re-initiating the payment for the newly negotiated amount.

If you believe the buyer is acting deceptively or suspiciously, leave immediately and contact us at

How do I receive payment for an item?

If you used AGF Payments to sell the item, then you will receive a notification email and message that the buyer’s payment was successfully processed and you have received the payment. This notification instructs you to release the item to the buyer at this point.

If you did not use AGF Payments, then please complete the transaction in accordance with our Best Practices.

Tips for safe payments.

Though optional, we strongly encourage everyone to use AGF Payments to conduct transactions. If you do not plan to use AGF Payments, then please review our Best Practices page for additional safety and security tips.

How do I mark an item as sold?

If you used AGF Payments to sell the item, then the listing will be marked as “Sold” automatically (unless the item was flagged as selling multiple). If you did not use AGF Payments, then you will need to manually mark the item as “Closed” in the User Dashboard.

How do I report a buyer?

Please send all reports to