The Cashless Journey

Over the past few years there has been a surge of people using some form of digital or “cashless” payment for everyday needs – from buying groceries at Whole Foods to purchasing their “must-need” items from
Cashless is all around us. With credit card terminals allowing shoppers to use more than a debit or credit card to complete their transactions, the emergence of Apple Pay and Samsung Pay as “cashless” transaction systems are here to stay. In fact, a recent study on shopping trends noted that the typical American uses some form of cashless payment 4,000 times year on average. This includes online transactions, in-store transactions, mobile transactions and person-to-person cashless transactions.

Need a ride?

Uber is one of the pioneers when it comes to the adoption of the “cashless” payment system. Uber took it a step further by allowing the “rider” to pay for their pickup via the Uber app, making the payment process simple and safe for the “rider” by not being hindered due to a lack of cash on-hand to utilize Uber’s services. 

Is there an app for that?

There are countless “person-to-person” cashless payment apps out there today. I’m sure you have used PayPal a time or two, but they aren’t the only option anymore. Companies like PayPal, Square Cash or Venmo are quickly becoming a great alternative to cash and check writing when it comes to paying a friend or stranger for goods or services.

Why Cashless?

Earlier this year, launched as a listing platform geared to selling new or used tangible goods listed by users all over the world. The goal was to create a streamlined and modern online marketplace with safety for the buyer in mind. Unlike the competition, focused on revolutionizing the buying and selling of tangible new and used goods by introducing “AGF Payments“, a cashless person-to-person system that promotes a safe, secure and convenient way for buyers and sellers to complete their in-person transactions without the need of having cash on hand to buy the sellers’ tangible goods. Not a bad idea! For more info about’s cashless system, visit

Cash Isn’t King

The era of having cash in your wallet or purse or even going to the ATM (if you can find one) is over. Just like the cell phone ended the need of pay phones on the corner block, cashless payments are bringing an end to the phrase of “Cash Is King”. “Convenience Is King” should be the new phrase, based off of the numbers. Being able to pay for what you want or need without physical cash or even a piece of plastic is simply more convenient while still being secure.
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